It's time to make our own game!

June 30, 2015 - # comment

After creating lots of assets for other games either as a studio or as individuals, we finally decided last year in August that we should start our own project - a game that truthfully reflects all the craziness that lives inside us waiting to burst out! So we started ironing out the basic idea and began creating content for the game, which is now called Ironkraft - Road to Hell. A game that brings craziness to a new level! It has aliens, zombies, nazis, pimped cars, loot, quests, easter eggs, hidden areas and a Mad-Max-like vehicle driven world set in an alternative WWII universe. What else do you need? ;)

The game is still in pre-alpha stage, so we still have a lot to do, but feel free to take a look at some early screenshots below. Also visit the game's official homepage (still a work in progress) here.